What does “Drutha” mean and why did we give ourselves this name?

What does the name, “Drutha”, mean and why did we give ourselves this name..?

‘Drutha’ is a Sanskrit word with different meanings depending on the context in which it is used – ‘active’, ‘swift’, ‘fluid’. As you may notice, there is a strange sense of cohesion amongst all the different meanings, as though these are all describing different aspects / qualities of the same concept. We felt a strong synergy between this underlying concept, the various meanings and what we wanted the organization at its very core, to strive for and be. Hence, the name “Drutha” was just meant to be for us, and was the most natural choice.

(Note: On deeper thought, the underlying concept that these qualities represent is perhaps “Innovation” & “Creation” or “Innovative Creation” and that seems to be exactly what we are passionate about)

“Active” , “Swift” and “Fluid” – These attributes aptly represent qualities of our organization, the way we work and the kind of solutions we build. We will continuously strive to exceed ourselves in these qualities.

We ‘actively’ engage with the customer in understanding the problem & needs, the challenges and together attempt to arrive at an optimal solution or approach that works best for the customer.

We are ‘swift’ in our execution of the agreed plan and ensure we deliver to the plan..

On the other hand, we adopt a ‘fluid’ approach – understanding and accommodating for change and using Iterative & Incremental methodologies like Agile, that are naturally appropriate for the success of programs that require a high degree of change and risk management.

In the years to come, we expect and look forward to grow as an organization in different directions and a multitude of areas and services. However, we will always retain, at our core, these qualities of “Innovative Creation” or what we would like to fondly call the “Drutha” concept.

Well, this is our view and we look forward to hearing your comments and views…

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