Launch of our brand new Logo!

As outlined in our earlier blog, ‘Drutha’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Active’, ‘Swift’ or ‘Fluid’ based on the context of usage. These attributes aptly represent our organization, the way we work with our customer and the kind of solutions we intend to build for them. It gives us great pleasure in launching our brand new logo, which truly captures this spirit of “Innovative Creation” and the underlying qualities (“Active”, “Swift” and “Fluid”) denoted by “Drutha”.

Drutha New Logo Launched

The idea of active, fluid, and swift is represented by the air and water elements in the logo design. The dynamic element is represented by a series of waves, vibrations or effects that work in unison to denote movement.

The colors signify the water while the movement signifies air. The ‘Drutha’ font is sleek, bold, and modern that demonstrates the power of simplicity.

We are very proud of this logo and what it stands for and will always strive to retain and excel in the core values that it represents.

Look forward to having you join Drutha on this exciting journey of growth.

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