Case Study: Most Advanced Scouting Analysis for Professional Football Teams

End to End Technology Development for Orb Finance Limited towards building the “Most Advanced Scouting Analysis in the World” for Professional Football Teams

Customer’s Objective & Mission: Orb Finance Limited, is an organization that has spent several years conducting research into the field of professional football player performance, valuation and remuneration.
Out of this research and backed by extensive & voluminous historical data containing minute details of all the professional football matches played across Europe over the last several years emerged the World’s most advanced Scouting Analysis System.

In order to realize the Orb Scouting Analysis System and provide access to their customers in a secure, scalable and interactive way while retaining the simplicity in the system, Orb Finance chose Drutha as the end to end Technology Implementation partner.

Drutha’s Approach: Following our typical process, we engaged with the customer very early on in the whole process, interacting closely not only to gain an in depth understanding of the requirements, but also helping the customer in gain a much better understanding of the technology requirements and choices involved as well as the approach to follow.

We proposed an Agile model of incremental & iterative development, which we believe significantly increases the success of an implementation program by enabling shorter time to market, greater flexibility for mid-course correction and significant reduction in market, technology & financial risks involved in the program.

Based on this approach, we have successfully implemented and delivered Phase 1 which involved architecting the solution, designing and creating a data-mart, migrating the voluminous historical data as well as developing the secure, interactive & scalable web application that can be accessed by Orb’s customers.

Here is what our client has to say:

“Drutha partnered with me from a very early stage in the development of my business and took the time to gain a thorough understanding of my requirements. I had designed a system of quantitative models in excel with many complex steps and links which needed conversion into a user-friendly, client-facing software suite.

Drutha has displayed considerable skill and tenacity in carrying out the project plan to date, and flexibility, patience and understanding in their attitude to the engagement. The development of the database is central to the continuing development of my business and I hope to continue to work with Drutha for many years to come.”

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