Case Study: End-to-End Tablet Solution for an Indian Startup

Customer’s Objective & Mission: The customer is an exciting Startup in India with a vision to transform specific segments of the Indian Services Industry through the use of end to end iPad and Android tablet based solution. The customer was looking for a reliable partner, and chose Drutha, to help engineer these solution(s).

Drutha’s Approach: We engaged with the customer early, understanding the requirements and evaluated technology various technology choices:

  • iOS / Android Native App or a web App,
  • UI Development Approach & Platform
  • Backend Platform & Development Approach

Based on the requirements of the customer, our approach was to develop an Mobile Web App based solution, using Mobione for the Mobile UI development and using Apache Tomcat Server with mySQL as the back end.

We are adopting an Incremental & Iterative model to incorporate a high level of flexibility in the development process enabling the customer to be appropriately define& change the requirements in multiple cycles based on user feedback of initial prototype and subsequent versions.

We have completed the initial working prototype phase through which we are enabling the customer to get some credible user feedback based on which the requirements & road map for the product can be redefined.

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