Case Study: Re-Engineering an eCommerce Platform for an Award Winning Electronic Marketplace

Customer’s Objective & Mission: The customer is an award winning start up in the UK who were in the process of re-launching their E-Commerce Marketplace with rich features, expected to increase their customers, sales, overall revenues and profitability. They were faced with challenges of implementing a bespoke website from ground which required long development timelines and would be expensive to maintain and enhance once launched. The customer approached Drutha for help on the situation in order to launch as soon as possible.

Drutha’s Approach: Our approach, on understanding the requirements and features that were required, was to propose a robust, scalable & future proof solution. We suggested the best way forward was to re-engineer the solution using an industry standard e-Commerce Platform – Magento. By customizing Magento’s several out of the box features and implementing the few but critical features not present, we were able to complete development of the website within the tight timelines mandated by the client, and were able to deliver a robust, high performance, SEO compliant site that is now the platform on which they can build more advanced features.

The customer appreciated our approach and the accomplishment of implementing the entire e-Commerce Platform using Magento in very stringent schedules. The site has been launched successfully and is currently live.

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