Application Support

Reduce your costs significantly, increase Customer Satisfaction and free up your critical team for further development activities by outsourcing the application support activities.

Supporting Applications, whether they have been developed by your in-house teams or outsourced to a third party vendor, can be a costly proposition. Effective support of your applications needs to be provided not only to your external customers (paying or otherwise) as well as internally to your development, marketing and other teams. Handing off the support activities to a different team, especially if the team is offshore based in India, not only reduces the costs of supporting the applications significantly, but also can help increase customer satisfaction due to the dedicated and focused attention on the support activities.

The Management Team at Drutha has extensive experience in taking over such support activities and running them at offshore centers. We can help you by

  • Transitioning over your support activities on completion of the development team and execute them from our development centre in Hyderabad, India.
  • Setup a call centre in India to handle customer support, whether voice based or email based.
  • Provide Application Support as a Shared Service for Applications based on standard products

We expect most of our current customers to avail of our Application Support services on completion of the development projects and as they move onto the next phases of development.