Application Development

Ensure a successful product / service launch with a significantly reduce development budget by leveraging our Application Development Services.

Realizing an Product / Application successfully could not only involves a significant development cost but also requires navigating and managing successfully significant risks with respect to Technology, Market and Product.

We at Drutha understand this and our approach to application development is geared to not only help you significantly reduces your development costs but also significantly reduce and manage the risks involved as follows:

  • Technology Consulting: Enabling you to not only ask the right questions but helping you answer them, as early as possible in the cycle
  • Incremental & Iterative Development Strategy: Enables you to significantly reduce Technology, Market & Product Risks by enabling phase wise development
  • Significantly Lower Cost: Achieved by leveraging our offshore development team based in India

The Management Team at Drutha has extensive experience in end to end application development programs across the spectrum of areas – in E-commerce & Web Applications, Mobile Applications as well as bespoke application development.

Case Studies: Below are a few key examples of how we are helping our customers in realizing their Products/Applications through our End to End Application Development Services.

1. Read about how Drutha is helping an exciting UK Startup develop the “Most Advanced Scouting Analysis in the World” for Professional Football Teams here

2. Read about how Drutha is helping develop an End to End Tablet Solution for an Indian Startup to take flight here

3. Read about how Drutha is helping re-engineer the E-Commerce Website of an Award Winning Retail Startup here